Monthly Fishing Competitions – Weigh in & BBQ

Sunday of first full weekend from 12:00 – 2:30 pm

February Weigh In 2020

WEIGH IN WINNERS – February 2020

DS 1st Bob Bell
2nd Jim Paterson
3rd Jim Field
BR & E 1st Doris Wellington
2nd Adam Hamshere
3rd Scott Danvers
Junior 1st Max Bertalan
2nd Charlotte Bertalan
3rd Ben Dunn
4th Archy Hamshere


Heaviest Fish Adam Hamshere
Most Fish Doris Wellington

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Ulladulla Weekend Away

2019 Christmas Party

Presentation Day

Girl’s Day Out May 2019


Jim Paterson – President
Scott Danvers – Vice President
Zoltan Huszar – Secretary
John Castellan – Treasurer
Vince Henebery – Weighmaster
Karrin Taylor – Assistant Weighmaster
Terry Fagan – Assistant Weighmaster
Bob Bell – Committee
Evelyn Huszar – Committee
Robin Bryan – Committee
Ross Fagan – Committee

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