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Men’s Bowling Club

Our club is a medium size club within the South Coast District Bowling Association. We compete in District Pennants and District Championships as well as numerous tournaments throughout the region.
We have had success in recent years in all grades of pennants having won District Flags in all of our grades and even a Zone flag. Our bowlers have won numerous District Championships and have completed at Zone level.

Social Bowls – Friday  20th  April  2018

R. Shoveller , A.Liebert & G.Faull 31 def 21 B.Gatt ,P.Gatt , M.Ford

( 1st prize lucky rink draw )

A.Hannerman & W.Chalmers 16 def 11 G.Curton & K.Ryan

D.Nash & L.Thomas 28 def 23 K.Dickens & C.Hancock



Rick Turton 31 def 26 Geoff Steinhour

Roy Burke 31 def 22 Jeff Brownjohn

Craig McGale 31 def 25 Roy Burke ( Semi Final )

Barry Epple 31 def 28 Rick Turton  ( Semi Final )

So Barry has again risen to the occasion in his semi final match beating last year’s minor champion  in Rick . going right down to the last bowl of end 35 .

setting up a matchup with Graig McGale . can the giant killer do it again.



Max Ford 31 def 19 Phil Carrett ( Semi Final )

Mark Englert 31 def 29 Trevor McGuire ( Semi Final )

a very interesting matchup here with Mark joining us about 12 ths ago after leaving sydney to live the good life in Culburra against Max a bowling club

icon in the club . good luck to all for the finals .


The Alf Cook pairs was run and won mid week 18th & 19th April .

the winners were a well put  together  team of Scott Bateup & John Greene

collecting $ 1200 in 1st place prizemoney . Well done also to our own team of

Brendan Hughes  & Craig McGale  who picked up 5th place prizemoney in what turned out to be a very hot field . well done boys you did our club proud .

Social Bowls – Friday 13th April 2018

Brian Allport & Laurie Turner 27 def 11 Roy Cartledge & Col Hancock

( 1st prize lucky rink draw )

Brendan Hughes & Geoff Steinhour 22 def Roy Burke & Rick Neilsen

( 2nd prize lucky rink draw )

Ron Shoveller & Brett Gilligan 18 def 16 Alan Liebert & Ian Carre

Arron Lever & Mark Englert  24 def 10 John Castellan & Dennis Foster

Danny Nash , Grahame Faull & Jim Hibbert 21 draw 21 Neil Watson ,

Lenny Thomas & Barry Epple .


Craig McGale 31 def 16 Alan Gardiner

Barry Epple 31 def 28 Rick Neilsen  ( a great effort by Barry in this match taking on the 2017 champion Rick . a very entertaining match right to the end , the crowd inside the club road every bowl as the match unfolded ).


Trevor McGuire 31 def 21 Richard Grayson

Max Ford 31 def 21 Kevin Dickens

Mark Englert 31 def 9 Brett Gilligan ( Mark impressed playing a great game in very windy conditions . well done mate )


This Wed & Thur  18th & 19th April the Alf Cook Pairs starts at Culburra Bowling

Club . 28 teams will compete for $3.500 in prize money . local teams & teams from far and wide will be competing . the first of which arrived yesterday from Singleton Bowling Club for a week long stay . good luck boys hope you enjoy

Cullburra . Also a thank you to our greenkeepers Chris James & Luke Griggs

who have worked around the clock to provide 2 great greens for the ALF COOK

pairs . well done boys .

Social Bowls – Friday  6th April 2018

J. Maroulis & John Slingsby 15 draw 15 Roy Burke & John Castellan

( 1st prize lucky rink draw )

Max Ford & Laurie Turner 22 def 19 Danny Nash & Rick Turton

( 2nd prize lucky rink draw )

Jeff Brownjohn , Lenny Thomas & Geoff Blackshaw 28 def 21 Kevin Dickens ,

Arron Lever & Roy Cartledge

Ron Shoveller & Craig McGale26 def 8 Arthur Hannaman & Ian Carre

Frank Weiss & John Dallas 24 draw 24 Col Hancock &Neil Watson

Wayne Charmers & Kevin Ryan 26 def 11 Grahame Faull & Ken O,Day





Lost ( home ) v Huskisson

Lost ( away ) v Lake Conjola


Won ( away ) v Mollymook

Won ( home ) v Nowra


Lost ( home ) v Ex Servicemem’s

Won ( away ) v St Georges Basin


Just a reminder  18 & 19 April the ALF COOK PAIRS will be played at

Culburra Bowling Club . 28 teams contesting 4 games of 18 ends .

$3.500 in prize money to be won. 9.30 am card call . Some great bowls will

played over the 2 days  come along and watch the action the players will put on a great show .

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Winners 3rd
Col Norris and Ron Meadowns

Winners – Runners Up
Scott Mathieson and Glen Dixon

Winners 4th
Geoff Blackshaw and Geoff Steinhour

Winners 5th
Scott Bateup and Brian Warden

Winners 6th
Don Barnes and Steve Beazley

Game 4 Winners
Garry Melleuish and Chris James

Game 2 Winners
Jim Hibbert and Alan Gardiner

Game 1 Winners
Peter Delamont and Rod Loosemore

Social Bowls

Social bowls are played on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Nomination can be made by recording your name on the entry sheets at the bowls office at any time or by telephoning on the day to the Bowls Office before 12 midday on (02) 4447-3853. The game commences at 1 pm. Green fees for the day are $5.00 with prize-money and jackpots available depending on entry levels.
There are many social bowls events played throughout the year on weekends; these events are posted on the notice boards at the bowls office
All of our social bowls events are open to all bowlers of all levels; beginners, experienced, men, women, juniors. Visitors are always welcome.
Social bowls are played in mufti (casual clothing, club rules apply) but we ask that suitable footwear to be worn.


We play all Club Championships at our Club including State Singles and Pairs, Triples, Fours.

All minor championships and mixed championships.

New Bowlers

New bowlers are always welcome. We will teach anyone. We have 6 male and 1 female accredited coaches. It is best to speak to a coach about learning to play and learning the correct way rather than learning from a friend (who may teach you bad habits.)


2 major tournaments in a year:

Alf Cook Pairs – $2000.00 Prize Money – Mid Week of March
Mixed Pairs are played in September and October midweek.


Any inquiries can be directed to the Bowls Office within the main club which is available on Wednesday and Friday (between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm).
Jim Hibert – President
John Rudd – Secretary, Coach
Kevin Dickens – Treasurer
Stephen Munce – Bowls Organiser, Coach
Phone – (02) 4447-3853
Email – [email protected]